Blogging…. okay folks, gonna give this a try.

We got some data back from the USDA today.  Some nice folks from Oregon State came out and sampled some of our hives for pests and diseases this summer.  I’m happy to report that of all the viruses tested for, only deformed wing virus was found present.  The presence of deformed wing virus, of course being no surprise, and, wow, did we see more of it than ever in 2014.  Knowing that they were looking for pests and diseases, I took them to some of our oldest hives where the bees were suffering from the worst mite pressure I had seen this summer.  Of the six hives we collected bees from, one was fully in a state of collapse.  I’m happy to report that we are doing our part in selecting for bees with mite resistance.  Of the 399 apiaries tested across the state of Oregon, we had the highest mite per bee ratio of all.  We averaged 13.05 mites per hundred bees (most would consider 2 to 5 mites per hundred bees to be grounds for a mite treatment).  While these hives did receive a soft formic acid treatment in the Spring, the mites were clearly running amok before temperatures cooled in time for a mite treatment in late August.  That’s all for now from the front lines of Diggin’ Livin’.