Diggin’ Livin’ farm life typically sees a sometimes overwhelming flow of passion that juices up all the energy of the farm into full productivity and inspiration.  And it is those days that keep us riding through the sometimes hectic sorrows of too many irons in the fire and misplacing of tools, etc.  Farm life has its ups and downs, but generally its full of surprises and beauty, simple love, and gratitude for every day we get the chance to try.  In the living room hangs an embroidered art that says, “Cada dia es un milagro”, which translates in english to Each Day is a Miracle.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  We believe where we live is heaven on earth and there is no mistaking it.  Our calling is to serve the Earth and all it supports, love each other, and enjoy each day.

We have a lot of support for this dream.  In fact, it’s getting bigger than us and taking a life of its own.  Really good folks have been showing up and wanting to dig in.  It’s wonderful.  It’s what it takes to start a food revolution.  My friends Sarah Kuhn says, “Togetherness is where it’s at”.  Diggin’ Livin’ is feeling supported and because of that, it is able to smile more and put more heart and soul back into it.

Specifically farm life tends to revolve around the 3/4 area gardens, 100 chickens, 7 shetland sheep, and 3 farm kids.  And, of course, the 350 beehives.