Diggin’ Livin’ has been serving up felted wool soap bars to the public for a little while now, but for a few of us on the crew this was our first attempt at crafting these beauties. Making these bars perfectly takes practice, of course, but here’s a look at our first try.

First we gathered up our supplies: our own goat’s milk soap and wool from our Shetland sheep. We string the bars with spun wool, color-coded for our different types of soap (Grapefruit, Cascadia Clarysage, Bioregional Mint, etc.)


Then we started wrapping, always trying to keep the wool as tight around the soap as possible. We wrap the soap with two layers of wool and then add naturally dyed wool in different colors, according to the type of soap.


IMG_2872         IMG_2874


Felting the wool. Wet felting, the type we use for these bars, is the process of applying soapy water to animal hairs (in this case wool) that are placed at 90 degree angles to one another. Rubbing the fibers eventually causes them to hook together into a single piece of fabric.




After the bars are felted, we lay them out to dry.



Joy or another of our felting experts will go over these and fix any mistakes, but not too bad for a first try! Our felted wool soap bars are available for sale on our website and at our store, Diggin’ Livin’ in Cave Junction, OR.