Last night, my Papa, Clarysage, and I, went to move bees to a yard near Cave Junction. We polled in around 9:00 p.m. My Papa got out a flashlight and my sister, Clarysage, held it up towards the hives on the truck so we could get the straps off.  My Papa and I rolled up the straps and as we were near the last ones, some bees started bothering us because of the light.  So, my papa told Clarysage to shine the light the other way towards the forklift so that next he could take the forklift off and I could finish rolling up the straps in the dark.  After that, my Papa took the first load down to the beeyard. Then he came back because he had to take the straps off the other side and move the truck around so he could get at the bees at the other side with the forklift.  While we were moving the truck he said he would let my sister and I move some bees with him, we decided that my Clarysage would go first. I watched from the flatbed, I could see that there was some bees coming out and bussing in the light, but no problems with stings.  When it was my turn, we could see right away that we had some feisty bees.  We could see that they were not happy with getting there house picked up at 9:30.  We had to act fast and bring them to their spot before we separated the two pallets.  My papa said that I could have another turn because my sister turn wasn’t rushed and the bees were calmer so they got to take their time.  The next pallet was better. However, when we tried to put them down, we put one corner of the pallet on another pallet and the bees were mad that they were shook like that.  So, papa told me to get off and join my sister at the truck and wait for him there because he had to put them further apart and finish the one we didn’t finish.  We learned a lot sitting on his lap and while he showed us all the controls and what they did.  He let us steer the wheel with him and experiment with the levers before we loaded any bees.  When my sister and I were sitting on the flatbed, we got cold so we decided to sit in the truck because there could be a little bit of heat still inside.  Then, right as my dad was finishing and off the forklift, three big guys came walking down the unpaved road with flashlights.  All the people in that neighborhood have been on watch because there has been some serious vandalism in that area a few nights before.  My Papa walked up to them and said, ” You better turn that flashlight off or else you are going to get a face full of bees.  I’m moving bees down here tonight.”  And they shut their light off right away.  Papa got back in the truck and we drove home.


BY Fern Waters