Here’s alittle about us. Eric and I were both born in the Midwest. I am from the Chicagoland area and Eric is from the greater St. Paul area in Minnesota. Our paths out west are similar. We both found the Grateful Dead in our teen age years and that began our quest for alternative living and like minded folks. We both moved to Oregon when we were 19 years old, about 20 plus years ago. We met each other in Eugene about 15 years ago. I bought property in the greater Cave Junction area of southwestern Oregon about 11 years ago and that is where we call home.

Eric is an amazing naturalist and also a great father. He is totally committed to the organic path of healthy eating and living. I have a Masters of Science degree is in Environmental Science from OSU with an emphasis in Environmental Education. We are both living our dreams . ERIC insert here. All three of our kids were born at home. Tulsi was born in Costa Rica. 2014 marks Diggin’ Livin’s 14th season of keeping bees using organic practices. We keep about 300 beehives using organic practices namely no pesticides, no antibiotics, no corn syrup, 100% organic feed, small and natural cell, and abundant wild nectar sources. This past year we opened a store in downtown Cave Junction. We were struggling with the travel distance for getting our products to market, about 4 farmers markets a week, one in Grants pass, and three in the Rogue Valley almost 2 hours away. The Redwood Highway runs through Cave Junction and we thought it could be a lot easier if our customers could find us on the way to the coast rather than always travels to them. As it turns out, our store morphed into an organic food and farm store and now even the locals are doing their shopping there. The main products our farm sells to our store are our honey, infused honeys, Jun (honey kombucha), bee pollen, chicken eggs, farm produce, beeswax candles, goats milk honey beeswax soap, energy balls, yogurt parfaits, honey syrups (for the snow cone machine), honey granola, farm popsicles, and felted wool (from our sheep) soap.

Farm Life

Diggin’ Livin’ farm life typically sees a sometimes overwhelming flow of passion that juices up all the energy of the farm into full productivity and inspiration. And it is those days that keep us riding through the sometimes hectic sorrows of too many irons in the fire and misplacing of tools, etc. Farm life has its ups and downs, but generally its full of surprises and beauty, simple love, and gratitude for every day we get the chance to try. In the living room hangs an embroidered art that says, “Cada dia es un milagro”, which translates in english to Each Day is a Miracle. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We believe where we live is heaven on earth and there is no mistaking it. Our calling is to serve the Earth and all it supports, love each other, and enjoy each day.

We have a lot of support for this dream. In fact, it’s getting bigger than us and taking a life of its own. Really good folks have been showing up and wanting to dig in. It’s wonderful. It’s what it takes to start a food revolution. My friends Sarah Kuhn says, “Togetherness is where it’s at”. Diggin’ Livin’ is feeling supported and because of that, it is able to smile more and put more heart and soul back into it.

Specifically farm life tends to revolve around the 3/4 area gardens, 100 chickens, 7 shetland sheep, and 3 farm kids. And, of course, the 350 beehives.

About Fern Waters (8/10/14)
Fern is 10 years old. She was homeschooled up until last Fall when she started the Hope Mountain Dome School in Takilma, Oregon. The farm store was taking life and even though we were all a little apprehensive, getting the support of the Dome School turned out to be such a blessing. But prior to the Dome School, Fern spent hours with the chickens, made the farm granola, and crochet wool scrunchies. She’s spent a lot of her summer reading Harry Potter and swimming in the river. She is an amazing natural leader. She is totally my teacher in so many ways. If she doesn’t become a farmer/beekeeper, my guess is that she’ll be the next Julia Butterfly Hill.

About Clarysage Mountain (8/10/14)
Clarysage is 6 years old. She will be entering 1st grade this school year at the Dome School in Takilma. Clarysage just lost her first tooth last week. Clarysage is an angel. Maybe a fairy or a mermaid, but more accurately an angel. Clarysage has barely put on clothes all summer. Often she wakes up and heads out of the house to check on the farm, say good morning to the yurt folks, and then jump from the loft in the yurt into a giant beanbag. She also spends a lot of time ziplining in the middle garden and playing with her fairy dolls.

About Tulsi Joy (8/10/14)
Tulsi’ nicknames consist of T-rex, Tic-zilla, Tica, Tea Tea, and Wrecking ball. She turns 3 years old this month. She is usually hungry and always ready to jump on you. She is pretty easy going and smiles a lot.